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Robert Rauschenberg: Gluts Robert Rauschenberg (–) had the ability to find new and often improved uses for what others tossed aside, reinvigorating detritus with a revealing second life.

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Robert Rauschenberg: Gluts, mit einem Vorwort von Roland Wetzel, einem Geleitwort von Richard Armstrong und Philip Rylands, einer Einführung von Susan Davidson und David White, und Texten von Susan Davidson, Mimi Thompson und Trisha Brown, New York , S., zahlreiche s/w- . Robert Rauschenberg gilt als Meister des „Rezyklierens“. Er verwendete Dinge, die andere wegwarfen, und verstand es, altem Schrott neues Leben einzuhauchen. Aus diesem Geist ist auch seine eher unbekannte Werkserie „Gluts“ geboren, die das Museum Tinguely von . Robert Rauschenberg: Gluts. Published by Guggenheim Museum Publications. Edited by Susan Davidson. Text by Trisha Brown, Mimi Thompson. Preface by Philip Rylands. In the mids, Robert Rauschenberg's creative attentions turned toward the visual and plastic properties of junk metal when he began to assemble found metal objects and screenprint his photographic images onto aluminum, . Robert Rauschenberg’s enthusiasm for popular culture and, with his contemporary Jasper Johns, his rejection of the angst and seriousness of the Abstract Expressionists led him to search for a new way of painting. A prolific innovator of techniques and mediums, he used unconventional art materials ranging from dirt and house paint to umbrellas and car Robert Rauschenberg. This year, the spanish Bilbao Guggenheim Museum presents a retrospective on Rauschenberg work called GLUTS. Basically it is 55 metal sculptures created between and Recycling industrial materials represented for the artist a meditation about the capitalism consumerism he experienced in Texas, his home state. Leah Dickerman: Rauschenberg went to Houston, Texas, in for an exhibition of his work. He saw that the Texas economy had been hard hit by an oil glut. All around him he could see gas stations that were closed and drilling rigs that were shut down and cars abandoned by the side of the road and oil barrels flattened. Robert Rauschenberg. Exhibition description: A year after the death of Robert Rauschenberg (May 12, ) the Peggy Guggenheim Collection celebrated the memory of this artist with the exhibition Robert Rauschenberg: Gluts. Comprised of approximately forty works, the exhibition presented a little known body of Rauschenberg’s work in metal. Sep 10,  · Taken as a whole, Rauschenberg’s Gluts offer a view of America as a nation on the wrong path to righteousness. “It’s a time of glut,” Rauschenberg said of the work when he first presented. The Gluts were inspired by a visit to his home state of Texas on the occasion of the exhibition Robert Rauschenberg, Work from Four Series: A Sesquicentennial Exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, which was organized to celebrate the sesquicentennial (th anniversary) of Texas’s independence from Mexico. Robert Rauschenberg: Gluts, Richard Feigen Gallery, Chicago, Chicago, 12 Oct –24 Nov Biennial Exhibition, Whitney Museum of American Art, United States of America, 02 Apr –16 Jun Robert Rauschenberg. Gluts. 14 October – 17 January Parallel to the exhibition "Rauschenberg – Jean Tinguely. Collaborations" the museum is presenting Rauschenberg’s work group Gluts ( and ). The title takes its name from the glut of oil on the market at the time which caused a major economic recession in the. Page précédente: Marea Alta, Marea Baja
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